Spring has come and gone and we are entering the heat of summer here in sunny South Africa. The change in weather also welcomes the Baby Season and the ideal place to see it unfold is the incredible Kruger National Park.

This last week on our Kruger Park Safaris we had a beautiful and rare sightings of Jackal pups. Normally Jackal pups are hidden until they reached around 3 – 6 months.

Jackals are omnivorous and tend to scavenge for their food, although they can also hunt for themselves and are known to even eat inserts and fruit. They can be seen as highly territorial which compliments their canine family nature.

The pups we saw in Kruger were bursting with energy and it was entertaining to watch them chase and play with each other in the dry Savannah grass. The pups communicated with small “Yelp” like sounds as they played and slowly moved off.

Jackals are endangered and are threatened by their decreasing natural habitat as well as being killed by farmers as they appose a threat to livestock (such as sheep).