Shikwari Safari and Transfers has spread their wings further into the online world and opened up our very own YouTube Channel, Shikwari Safaris.

YouTube Channel and Other Social Platforms

If you already follow us on Instagram, @wildfood, you should know that Shikwari loves to share the beauty of South Africa with the rest of the world. The founder, Ann de Jager, is in the Kruger National Park almost every week, capturing the wonder of nature through photography. It gives just a small glimpse of what to except when joining Shikwari on one of our Kruger Park Packages or Kruger Park Day Safaris.

Besides photography, videography is growing, and Shikwari sees this as a awesome and entertaining way to invite tourists wanting to visit South Africa to see what Shikwari is about, our tours and what to expect. We also want to update our old guests on new and existing tours, sightings and more.

Our soon to be released video, will be a “Trailer” to Shikwari Safaris and Tours. Followed by a Q&A with one of the Owners and Founders, Ann de Jager. We are also excited to introduce videos on South African Cuisine and how to cook it.

So if you are looking for awesome content and more information about South Africa, The Kruger Park or Shikwari Safaris please subscribe you our YouTube Channel for Videos to come, as well as our Instagram page @wildfood and Culinary Page @safarilicious_chefs

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